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I work to make the impossible, the possible, the incredible, the tangible, the wild, the real and the idea the truth. I wantonly use humor favoring the energy of the id over the leash of the ego. I draw lines of inclusion to guilty parties for acts of inhumanity and misunderstanding. I create work that challenges the normal, that erases the normal, that intrigues the imagination, and declares the value of the absurd. For me, art is the chance to stand for a situation that is free and demonstrate the stretch that imagination can take when not tied to absolutes. Sean Pace is what I am called but not what I am. I am a laughter making fun and my lifeís work is to invite every one else to see a visual comedy manifest in the makings of my hands. My subject matter is all over the place just as people have opinions on many subjects. I create work involving many ideas but in each one is a vein of sardonic humor as well as the unmistakably evident pursuit of applied ingenuity.

When I paint I flex my freedom forcing myself to see that there is no such thing as a mistake. Every line is as valid as the next. Painting is like additive sculpture when I build my work, lines are the blocks that stack to make the forms. Forms are the bodiesí and the colors are the feeling, if it isnít right it changes. If its too much then itís erased. The two-dimensional is no different than the three. And it is paramount for the planning and layout of my process. My work evolves from nothing to something and I am the fuel for its gestation. The two dimensional world allows me some quick instantaneous reflection where as in the three-dimensional world I have to struggle much harder to build an idea.

I would say that I am a sculptor before a painter because my sculptures are higher developed drawings but I could not be one with out the other and would prefer to say that the two are married as a means to an end.